Single Vision

Single vision lenses have one prescription throughout the lens. They are suitable for driving, computer (intermediate) or reading distances depending on which you require. If you require one pair of glasses that holds more than one prescription you may be better suited to bifocal or varifocal lenses. All our frame prices in store include single vision lenses and scratch resistant coating at no extra cost.

Multifocal lenses

If you require one pair of glasses that has more than one prescription within the lens there are several options


Bifocal lenses hold two prescriptions, typically distance for driving/every day use and a small segment at the bottom of the lens for reading. We have different shape segments available which we can discuss with you.


Varifocal lenses are most popular for a person who require one pair of glasses that they can drive with, use the computer and read. The lens has no visible segments which are more aesthetically pleasing. Most people adjust to varifocal lenses within 2-3 weeks however we do offer a 30 day returns policy if you cannot tolerate them.


Office lenses are similar to varifocal lenses but only have two prescription areas. They are best suited for those who require glasses for computer work and reading only, typically in an office/ work environment.

Thin & Light

Thin and light (high index) lenses are required for higher prescriptions. Depending on your style of frame and your prescription we will advise the lens that would work best for you. 

Thin & light lenses are suited to mid level prescriptions.

Super thin lenses are suited to mid-high level prescriptions.

Ultra thin lenses are suited to high level prescriptions.